How BRAVE Works

HowBraveWorksBrave exists to help dads have better conversations about God with their kids. This is done by helping dads see, hear, and experience God, and then share these experiences with their kids.

Brave provides three primary resources to help you connect with your kids:

1.) Podcasts: Our podcasts give you practical ways to engage with your kids and are told by dads who share their stories of successes and failures. To subscribe to the Brave Podcast click here

2.) Content: Coming Spring 2017, Brave’s email content will give dads practical ways to see, hear, and experience God, and share it with your kids in the home.

3.) E-book: Coming by the Spring of 2017, Brave is releasing a short e-book to help you understand the heart behind Brave: to help you see, hear and experience God’s hand in your story and more practical ways to lead your kids.