How to pray for your son

In BRAVE this month dads are refining the prayers they pray for their son(s).  In this series of posts we will look at how to pray for your son(s).  Today we will discuss confidence.  This struggle is universal for males (I wrote a recent post on the topic).  Let’s see how to pray about planting seeds of confidence in your son(s).

Confidence almost sounds unbiblical.  Was Moses confident?  Jesus?  Paul?  Absolutely!  I’m not talking about ego or machismo.  What is confidence then?  Biblical confidence involves knowing, accepting, and applying your God given design.  This includes talent.  Some talents come naturally while others need to be developed through practice.  This also includes weaknesses.  That’s all part of your son’s God given design.  There is another part that involves dad.  Your prayer life.  Your son gets your instruction, discipline, provision, love, and time.  Does he get your prayers?  Do we as dads think intentionally through our son’s God given design?  Are we talking to God about it?

Here are a few ways to pray for the purpose of building your son’s confidence;

  • Write down your son’s God given design.  Get your wife’s input.  Yes, please include weaknesses.  Does God lead you through your weaknesses?  The answer is yes.  You will do the same for your son.
  • Pray out loud in front of your son about His God given design.  If God made him attentive and sensitive to people’s needs thank Him for that.  If God made him a natural leader then thank Him for that.
  • Pray out loud in front of your son how much he means to you and your wife.  God did this for Jesus.  “And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17, NIV).
  • Start with these two.  The BRAVE dads are doing this on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Pick a schedule that works for you and go for it.

This is part of helping your son know, accept, and apply his God given design.  In a word confidence.  You are planting seeds of confidence that will grow and bear fruit.

I want to know from my readers how you are praying for your son(s).  Also, what are some ways you build his confidence?  Please share them.  Let’s learn together.

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