“Up to this point Sunday School at our church has been the main spiritual discussion starter for me and my son. We started BRAVE and he has shown so much enthusiasm for learning more of the Bible! Also, it’s amazed me how much easier applying the Bible has been for both of us. I really appreciate the work that’s been put into this content and how much the weekly emails have inspired me to be intentional about discussing biblical things with my son. I’ll forever be grateful.”

“I know it is my job and my desire to point my son towards God and to make sure he builds the right relationship with our Father. The problem is I am often intimidated by how to go about it. I am not sure how to find verses that apply or how to package them to impact my son. BRAVE provides a great framework and helps steer me to what I should be introducing to my son and on what timeline. Because it is you partnering with other dads you are not alone in the process. This team approach also helps as it allows the dads to feed off one another and support one another. Lastly it seems to have the right mix of fun and message. Over the last 2 years my son cannot wait for each one of our sessions to happen.”